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Citizen's Advisory Committee

Teresa Grable

On January 20 the Emmitsburg Citizen's Advisory Committee held its first meeting with its newly appointed town liaison, Town Commissioner Joe Ritz III. Ritz was appointed by Mayor Don Briggs and confirmed by the Board at his first town meeting in October 2014.

The purpose of the Citizen's Advisory Committee is to research and propose general recommendations, rules and policies related to quality of life issues in the town of Emmitsburg. The committee is comprised of the Board liaison and 10 voting committee members. Currently, only 6 of the 10 slots are filled. To qualify as a voting committee member you must be a citizen of Emmitsburg within the town limits. The regulations allow for one member to reside outside of the town limits.

The current members of the committee are Amy Myles, Zenas Sykes, Ed Lowry, Richard Lindsey, Mark Walker and Conrad Weaver (member outside of town limits).

The Committee meets on a quarterly basis, with special meetings held as necessary. The meetings are open to the public but only committee members can vote on motions to bring items to the attention of the town council.

At the January meeting, items discussed included considering other ways to broadcast the town meetings in "real time", renovations to 22 East Main Street and interaction with Frederick County Deputies, a future dog park and tie-in to town sustainability program, and the organization of community watch programs in various town communities.

In response to the recommendation broadcast town meetings in "real time", Ritz said it was not currently possible other then on than cable channel 99. Ritz told the committee that in order to provided 'real time' coverage the town would have to buy additional technology and that would have to be approved by the Board.

The next meeting of the committee will take place in April.

If you are interested in becoming a voting committee member or to learn more about the committee, contact Joe Ritz at You can also contact another commissioner, the mayor, or town staff.

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