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Bill Boyd: VHC Member of the Year

Sarah Harrington

(3/1) Each year the Vigilant Hose Company selects one member to receive the Outstanding Member of the Year Award. The award recognizes the member who has shown the most initiative in making the company the best it can be. This year, President Tim Clarke and outgoing Fire Chief Frank Davis presented the award to long time member, Bill Boyd.

Boyd has been a member of the company for 25 years. During those 25 years, Boyd has been involved in as many aspects of the company as he can. Clarke has described him as "the go-to guy" for projects and problem solving. Through his work and dedication he has become well respected among the organization. Boyd’s well rounded personality and great communication skills have made it possible for him to help improve the company and its members.

Boyd has worked in many administrative positions within the company. He took on the role of the assistant secretary a year after joining the company. As the years passed, Boyd’s roles changed and he began to move up in the organization. Two years into his time with the company he became the vice president. He has worked as the secretary and in the board of directors, and he is currently serving as the assistant treasurer. Through his hard work and dedication to the company, he has proven to be a great asset.

Boyd’s service does not end with his administrative work. He takes the time to help put together company fundraisers, banquets and other events. He plays a large role in the company’s youth program, the VHC Explorer Post #6 which helps young men and woman prepare to be great emergency service providers. "Bill has a natural way of bringing out the best in people," fellow member Wayne Powell comments. President Clarke attributes much of the company’s success to Boyd’s involvement.

VHC President Clarke notes that Boyd’s "love for the game" drives him to take on so many tasks. One of the qualities that earned Boyd the award is his modesty. No matter how many tasks Boyd takes on, he never seeks recognition for them. Clarke explains that Boyd would rather be that individual behind the scenes.

Though he may stay behind the scenes, his impact on the company is obvious. Boyd’s practical problem solving skills have made him a great asset to the company. Clarke comments that Boyd’s work ethic and skills have touched everything the VHC does. When Boyd isn’t spending time at the VHC, he is working full time as the project manager at Emmitsburg Glass Company.

Boyd is able to combine his love for the company and his love for his family. Boyd is not the only member of his family who is heavily involved with the company; so are his wife, Joann, his son, Matthew, and his daughter, Jen. Boyd’s daughter Jen describes her father as a caring man who is always willing to do anything for others. Boyd and his wife have been involved with the company since their children have been young. Now, after years of seeing their parents’ love for the company, they have become a part of it as well.

It is Boyd’s love and desire to improve the company that earned him the 2015 Outstanding Member of the Year Award. He is a humble, hardworking, dedicated member of the company who continues to do his best to improve the VHC and make it the best it can be for future members. The Emmitsburg News-Journal congratulates Bill on his well-deserved award!

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