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Proposed budget averts tax increase

Sarah Harrington

(6/1) Mayor Donald Briggs presented his proposed budget for the upcoming year to the board of commissioners at their May 18th meeting.

The budget was presented was presented to the board to begin the process of adopting a 2015-2016 budget and was not discussed in detail at the meeting.

The details of the proposed budget will be considered at upcoming meetings of the board of commissioners as it winds its ways towards final adoption, no later than the second town meeting.

Town accountant Cole Tabler informed the town staff that the numbers for this new budget year are very similar to those from last year. Last year’s budget revenues were $1,617,376 and the expenses matched that. The same can be said for this year.

He noted that any changes that were made in the budget are slight. The general fund, which is used for things such as maintenance and salaries for employees of the town, is at $1,267,709 which is 4% lower than last year.

There will be an interagency transfer made from the general fund to the capital improvements funs. The amount proposed by Haller and Tabler for this transfer is $127,859. Tabler explained to the officials that the number for the transfer comes from what the town will have left over after paying the town’s bills. These funds will be set aside for more long term projects. $45,000 of that transfer will go to vehicles for the town, $65,000 will go to paving in the town, and another project under consideration is a dog park for the town which would receive $6,000 dollars.

For the water and sewer funds Tabler combined the two numbers and the net income for the next year will be $254,911. However Haller told commisioners that once the new water treatment plant comes up online sewer expenses will increase, by how much is not yet determined.

There was no motion to increase taxes discussed at the meeting. After reviewing the draft briefly Mayor Briggs proposed that the town officials take the draft home for a closer look and bring it back with more detailed questions. The officials all agreed upon the motion to continue the discussion of the budget at the next meeting. The draft for the budget will be reviewed in greater detail by town officials at the June 1st town meeting.

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