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Dollar General, Town Square projects progress

(9/24) A number of aesthetic and commercial improvements in progress continue to advance towards completion in the Town of Emmitsburg. Town Manager, David Haller, reported on September 15 at the meeting of the board of commissioners that the Dollar General Subdivision plans were signed by Patrick Boyle, planning commission chairman, in early September. The plans were signed after the town staff met with the project engineer for a final review of the proposal.

The new Dollar General is to be located at 501-503 East Main Street, a site presently occupied by East End Garage, a residential house, and several other buildings. The land involved is presently owned by Francis V. Hobbs, Jr., according to town staff.

"We had strong feeling that that (the acquisition of the land by Dollar General) would go to settlement and the new owners would take ownership of that property (by the end of September), and at settlement they’re going to sign all the other documents, the easement documents the county is a party to, we’re a party to, and the owner’s a party to," Haller stated.

"Hopefully, by fall, we could see some activity down there," he said. The site plans have been conditionally approved but not signed-off on as of yet. Regarding improvements at the Town Square, Town Planner Susan Cipperly reported, "The Town Square project is awaiting a memorandum of understanding with Maryland State Highway Administration that will address what work they will do (construction plans) and what aspects of the construction they will be able to fund."

Meanwhile, she said, "we will be installing a kiosk with two panels of info about the town and its history, and a glass, locking one for changing subject matter. That was funded partly by Frederick County Tourism grant money, EBPA contribution of $1,000, and the remainder will be town funds," she noted.

The visible changes to the square and Main Street will be due to participants in the Community Legacy grant program which provided for private property improvements. "So far, 12 West Main (VFW), and 1-3, 315 E Main, and 122 East Main Street. and 800 Frailey Road, have work completed or underway. Next approved batch will be 110 and 216 & 218 East Main, and 320 West Main streets," she stated.

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