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Dollar General seeking Emmitsburg site

(1/24) Dollar General  is preparing to present plans to open a store on Main Street in Emmitsburg, according to the Mayor Donald Briggs.

Mayor Briggs stated that it is anticipated that representatives of Dollar General will be presenting subdivision and site plans regarding the proposed store at the March meeting of the town Planning Commission.

The site being proposed for a new Dollar General is at 501-503 East Main Street, and would entail rearranging lot lines to achieve the objective. If plans go through, the company would build a new structure and demolishing a couple of existing structures.

The East Main Street location presently houses residence and several buildings including East End Garage.

Mayor seeks Flat Run flooding resolution

Emmitsburg Mayor Donald Briggs is hopeful that something can be done to help prevent continuous flooding problems sometimes caused by Flat Run.

Briggs said there have been notable flooding incidences along the creek over the past ten years, and that he and town staff will be meeting with state officials to determine a course of action, and to see if any funding assistance can be had.

Briggs said a number of problems occur in association with flooding events, including the blockage of access to North Gate, around DePaul Street, and at Emmit Gardens.

A meeting was planned with the state Department of Natural Resources in January sometime after the deadline for this issue of the News-Journal.

Land to be acquired for Monocacy access

The Maryland Board of Public Works approved January 8 the usage of Program Open Space funds from Carroll and Frederick counties to purchase 7.232 acres of land adjacent to the Monocacy River to provide a future developed access point for canoes and kayaks.

The proposed site is located on the western side of the Monocacy Scenic River at the state Route 140 bridge.

"This unique partnership between counties will result in an expansion of existing water trails and recreational benefits to residents of both counties," the Frederick County Division of Parks and Recreation reported.

The property acquisition process is anticipated to be completed within the next month.

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