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The Elephant in the room

Danny Farrar
 Candidate for County Council- At-large

(4/2018) II have heard the whispers and the worries. So I wanted to write an open letter to any of my fellow Republicans who might be on the fence because of it. I'd appreciate it if you'd give me five minutes of your day to read this. If you feel so inclined afterward, please share it with anyone you wish.

The elephant in the room - My appearance.

When I first considered running for public office one of the things that lingered in the back of my mind is what would people think about my appearance. I have stated on multiple occasions, I donít look the part. As of late, I have heard the whispers of those who donít know how to take me because of how I look. I understand it. So today is about addressing the perception that my looks generate.

I know the fact that 70 % of my body is covered by tattoos and that my haircut isnít the typical swoosh & part, doesnít scream Republican to a lotta people. I know many of my conservative friends may look at me and see what is wrong with the world; one that is changing far too rapidly for their taste. In their eyes, I may not embrace what they would deem to be a professional appearance. If you feel that way I am not here to judge you. Taste, after all, is subjective.

What isnít subjective is character and principle. You either have it or you donít. While my tattoos might not represent your taste, I earnestly believe that once you understand their story youíll see they do embody your values.

My left arm is filled with the crossed rifles of my MOS (Infantry) and the patches of my units. The famed 82nd Airborne and the MNSTC-I J-3 section from Iraq.

On my right arm, a Black sun, to represent the dark day when "343" firefighters lost their lives on 9-11. St. Florien, the patron saint of firefighting is depicted putting out a village fire. Heís there to represent my tenure as Career Fireman.

My forearms read "Freedom or Death". I got that tattoo before I deployed to Iraq as a mental reminder that capture wasnít an option. On my right one is 4 expended shells with the initials O.I.F (Operation Iraqi Freedom). They are a testament to that reminder, as every time I engaged the enemies of our country they would say "Shots from four" over the radio. On my left arm is the Battle Cross representing all the men and women, including SSG. Robert Hernandez, who didnít make it back.

On my back is my brotherís name who killed himself. Below that resides the scorpion (a testament to our service membersí aggressiveness and fighting spirit). On the left and right of that are a Humvee and motorcycle to pay homage to my brothers who saved my life.

On my right ribcage is "JLF till Death" to show my devotion to my wife. Over my right chest is the bald eagle rising above the flames of the fight to show America will always soar high and free above the fray.

On my left chest is "Momma gone but not forgotten" with rays of heaven shining down. In the center of my chest, over my heart is my Tattoo for #RiverLynnemybestfriend, so she is always near my heart.

My latest tattoo is also one of my saddest. It reads "Baby F April 22, 2017". Itís for our baby we lost last year. You see, I believe in life from conception, so even though we never were able to hold Baby F in our arms, we know weíll meet again on the other side.

Lastly, on my Collar bone, I am reminded that despite all my struggles: adoption, molestation, Pentagon on 9-11, war, homelessness, and ultimately attempted suicide, that yes, my head has been "bloodied but it is unbowed". A quote from my favorite Poem by Ernest Henley- "Invictus".

Some of you may see my appearance and feel compelled to not vote Farrar on election day. I see my tattoos and see the very reason I believe you should give me a chance. The story they tell is the very essence of what we all want to fight to preserve, the American Dream. I promise that no one wants the Dream preserved longer than me, someone whose life was changed because it exists.

If you made it this far - even if your opinion remains unchanged - thank you for letting me bend your ear. Should you ever want to bend mine in return, coffee is on me.