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Congressional Candidate David Trone (D)

On Our National Parks

Our National Parks System has been called “the best idea we ever had.” People like John Muir publicized the beauty of landscapes, waterfalls, and mountainous terrain he encountered out West. During the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln put Yosemite under national protection. The National Parks System was created to prevent wealthy from gobbling up land rights. Its very existence reflects our democratic ideals. It was founded with the belief that the natural beauty of our country belongs to everyone, not just people who can afford to pay top dollar for land. The system also ensures that these areas will be around for the next generation.

But today these parks face a different threat. Lack of sufficient funding endangers the preservation and maintenance of our parks. Maryland is home to many federal and state parks. Cunningham Falls State Park is home to the largest waterfall in our state, and many here enjoy fishing, hiking, and camping in its woods. These are places we relax, spend time with our families, and make memories that last a lifetime. We must maintain these spaces for years to come.

Congress should not let our federal and state parks waste away. It is incumbent upon our representatives to allocate the right amount of funding for our national and state parks. Parks funding should be a top priority for preservation. We must continue to preserve and protect the natural beauty of country so that future generations can enjoy and appreciate our nation’s beauty. These parks are national treasures and are symbolic of what makes the United States great. We can’t let them turn into ruins because Congress doesn’t give them the financial support they need to thrive. As your representative, I will always make sure these programs have the funding they need to keep and preserve our parks’ beauty for everyone.

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