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Senate candidate Blaine Taylor

My Stand on Israel

First, let me assert at the very outset where I personally stand as a candidate for the United States Senate regarding the State of Israel as our alleged "ally:" I am for the cutting off of all US foreign aid to Israel immediately, as I shall so move in 2017 should I be elected as Marylandís next US Senator. We have given away more then enough to it, and it is more than capable of taking care of itself without us. It is significant to note that no other Western nation---including our longtime allies Great Britain and France---gives it any foreign aid, so far as I am now aware.

I use the word "ally" in quotes because it is an ally from which as far as I can see, the US receives no tangible military and/or diplomatic benefit of any kind. As a matter of historical fact, we could not even use this "ally" during our own most recent wars in the Mideast for fear of alienating our other allies in the coalitions we entered into in order to better fight those wars.

On the positive side of the ledger, we would be able to benefit were we to find ourselves engaged in the Third World War that I hope never occurs, but then, and only then. In short, we were suckered into an unequal pact in which Israel benefitted, but we did not.

All of the above having been said, I do, however, side with the State of Israel as an American citizen in being opposed to the current Presidentís bad nuclear treaty with the gangster state of Iran. Having listened to and read part of the current Israeli prime ministerís speech against it to our own US Congress last year, I believe that he is right, and our President is wrong. It is my opinion that the Iran nuclear treaty is the very worst in my lifetime thus far. I will vote for its repeal in the US Senate as soon as I can in 2017. I will also be for denying Iran the ability to become a world nuclear power ever.

Unlike the long running dispute in Ireland that was finally settled some years ago, I doubt very seriously if the Israeli-Palestinian mess will ever be settled in our collective lifetimes, and that is because neither side is negotiating in good faith, and never will, either. Thus, the "solution" that we have today is the only one that weíll ever have, just as with the Greeks and Turks on the divided, disputed Island of Cyprus. Thus, we already have the solution we can live with, for better or worse. I donít like it any better than you do, but there it is. When they get tired of killing each other, maybe theyíll stopóor not. Itís their choice, not ours.

1) Dual Citizenship: "A House Divided Against Itself:"

I am 100% against any US citizen holding a second citizenship---so-called "dual citizenship"---with any other nation in the world. To my knowledge, this now exists between the US and but two other nation states: Greece and Israel. I am opposed to both. If there are more, I am opposed to all of them, and shall so move in the US Senate to outlaw all such "dual citizenships" as being inherently against the best interests of our country.

I urge all readers to go online on the Internet and search the following topic: US Politicians Who Hold Dual US/Israeli Citizenship. I believe that you will be shocked---as I was---to discover that almost all of the top Jewish members of our government of both major parties and almost at all levels and branches of the Federal government are named! What this tells me is that none of them could have given free and unbiased advice to anyone they allegedly served, be they superior officeholder or plain citizens like you and me who either elected them and/or were dependent on their best judgment. Donít rely on my word: read it for yourself, and then decide.

It is nothing less than a scandalous outrage, and should be made illegal ASAP. I will move to do so in 2017 in the US Senate if elected, to abolish forever all such "dual citizenships" for good. Either you are an American citizen or you are not, period.

As for the recently released spy Jonathan Pollard---who spied against our country for his country, Israel---a President Taylor wouldíve carried out the traditional sentence for all spies in history: execution. Indeed, the last President who executed such spies was Eisenhower, with the atomic spies named Rosenberg. Good for him! He was also the last US President prior to the current one who told Israel where and when to get off: when they invaded and occupied the Suez Canal in 1956, he told them to go, and they did.

I want the foreign policy of this country to be made in Washington, DC, and not at either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

President Lincoln before our first civil war asserted correctly that, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." He was right then, and he would be right again today, for the very same reason.

2) Israeli Politics: In a word, itís also a "mess," even worse than our own, if thatís possible! Basically, like Savoyard Italy before fascism in 1922 and Republican Italy afterwards---1945-now---Israel has been governed by a series of impermanent coalition governments, none of which of its 10 parties can run the state by itself.

Again, donít take my word for it, but go online and search Politics of Israel, and read it for yourselves.

3) Palestine:Search Palestinian National Authority and Palestinian tunnel warfare in the Gaza Strip.

4) Israeli Settlements:Search International law and Israeli settlements.

5) Iron Dome: Search those two words, Iron Dome.

6) Nuclear War for Israel: As an American citizen, my major problem with Israel is that it is willing to countenance a nuclear war involving our country to save their country. All of us should give that some long, hard thought.

7) One Country, Not Two: My major problem with American proponents of Israel is simply this: they have two countries, while I have but one, and I am not willing to see our country destroyed to benefit theirs. Thatís it.

I have arrived at the above conclusions only after a 69-year-long journey both toward and away from the State of Israel. I was born in late 1946, and President Truman unilaterally recognized the State of Israel in 1948, in what I believe was the worst US foreign policy move during my lifetime up to the current Presidentís nuclear treaty with gangster Iran.

My late motherís second husband was Jewish, and thus I spent part of my boyhood growing up in the-then Jewish section of Pimlico in early 1950s Baltimore. I attended Pimlico Elementary School as what I was then called: a "gentile." At the time, I didnít even know what that meant.

As a young boy, I saw all the Biblical-themed Hollywood movies of that era, and rooted for what were then called Israelites in them against the Syrians, Assyrians, Egyptians, and Romans. I was a US Army soldier on sentry duty in Vietnam in June 1967 when the Six-Day War broke out, and at first, it appeared from articles in The Stars and Stripes that Israel might be beaten by the Arab states, as they were again nearly in 1973. I decided then and there that if our army called for volunteers to go fight for Israel, I would go, as I could already see that our war in Vietnam was on the wrong track. Then Israel won, and the 1967 land settlements against the Palestinians began all of todayís problems in that region.

Thus far, I have had three attorneys, all of them Jewish. One was the late Judge Edwin J. Wolf, who was also my late motherís lawyer. Another was the late, famed medical malpractice attorney, Marvin Ellin. I have been with my current attorney for almost 30 years now.

As a freelance journalist, I once had an article published under my byline in the Baltimore Jewish Times. As an historical writer, I was an invited speaker before the prayer breakfast of the Chizuk Amuno Congregation in 1985.

As an assistant editor at Baltimore magazine during 1973-74, I was commended for my objectivity in a letter from the late Walter Sondheim, formerly of the Baltimore City School Board, for an interview that I conducted with him. One of my favorite interviewees was the late Baltimore physician, author, and horse breeder, Edgar Berman, MD. A tree is planted in my name in Israel by a late friend of mine who was a famous local animal activist, Ben Small.

In 1969, I sought out as an early political mentor the best Baltimore City Comptroller we ever had, the late Hyman Aaron Pressman.

These are all personal considerations, however, and where the fate and welfare of the United States are concerned, they must go by the board.

As we face yet another Mideast War against ISIS in Syria, possibly the alliance with Israel shall yet prove to be beneficial to the US; we shall see. Until then, however, all that I can see that it has "accomplished" thus far, is to have earned for us the undying enmity of all the Arab states. Would that it were otherwise!

Thank you for your kind consideration!

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