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Senate candidate Blaine Taylor

Random Views from "Up There" & "Down Here"

The View From "Up There":

From the exalted plane upon which most candidates dwell, I make the following observations:

I have long thought of our country as being a runaway locomotive traveling down a trio of parallel tracks simultaneously, with the same brick dead-end wall at their final stop:

  • The Warfare State
  • The Welfare State
  • The Police State

If history is any guide, it stands to both reason and logic that, at some future date, all three will suffer the same collision and derailment, with the following results, one after the other: race war, civil war, Depression, and then world war, although not necessarily in that exact order. The final one will be used to bail us out of the previous three.

Since 2006, I have dedicated my various Federal level campaigns to help prove myself wrong, but it hasnít happened yet. Those runaway engines still race ahead.

Since 1968, we have fallen victim to our own self-destructive Tyranny of the Minorities that has been allowed to overthrow in a sort of silent coup what the Federal Constitution was designed to promote: the rule of the MAJORITY, with the guaranteed rights of the minorities protected. Over the past several decades---pretty soon five---we have seen that sound proposition turned on its head, and bastardized to the point that the reverse has become true.

None of these minorities would stand for the same situation if the reverse were true, and neither should we. Itís been estimated that white people will be in the minority by the year 2060. If that is so, I hope that we reclaim our station as the current Majority until then to reset the nation on a proper course of peace, prosperity, and solvency. Failing that, we may well collapse from within long before 2060.

I say, "Let Freedom Ring!" instead.

To those politicians asserting that they will fight to maintain the middle class, I say this: itís already dead, having died some decades ago, starting with the Reagan Administrations, having been born in 1944 when FDR signed into law the GI Bill on or around D-Day, June 6, 1944. Thus, it lived for the next 40 years, and has been dying since Jan. 20, 1981 to now.

I recently heard it said that the figure of $ 250,000 is the stated basis for being middle class. To that person, I ask, "What planet are you living on? It is not Earth!"

To candidates who cite their records and experience, I say, "It is not our pasts, but our peopleís future that should be weighed in our debating of ideas to affect a sea-change in our course. Thus, it is not my past, but our joint futures together that I hope you will all consider.

The View from "Down Here":

On this daily level, I am one of you: I pay my taxes, choose medicine over food at the grocery store to combat asthma and allergies, love my cat, read my books, and write them as a hobby to fashion what I consider a worthwhile life of purpose and enjoyment. For all of this, I am most grateful.

At 69, I think of my late parentsí generation of seniors who witnessed the great American victory of 1945, and contrast that with what they see today.

What must they think? I wonder---what, indeed!

We are---all of us---here for such a short time in the final analysis. As I am now closer to my end than I am from my beginning, I ponder all of the above more and more.

In 1971---when I was defeated in an election that I was favored to win---my opponent used as his slogan, "Vote for Yourselves!" I thought it was a good one, and I still do, too.

Thus, that is all I will suggest that you do now: what you think is best. I wish us all "Good luck!"

Thank you for your kind attention!

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