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Senate candidate Blaine Taylor

Biography and Education: Age 69, BA History 1972 from then Towson State College, now Towson University; US Army Infantry School, Ft. Benning, GA, 1966; US Army Jungle & Guerilla Warfare Training Center, HI, 1965; Basic Training, Ft. Jackson, SC, 1965 and Advanced Infantry Training, Ft. Dix, NJ, 1965;

Career: Published book author, 1993-2016; magazine editor and freelance writer, 1958-2016; banking, retail sales, advertising, public relations director, apartment building front desk work, saw sharpening, 1958-now

Public Service: US Army 199th Light Infantry Brigade in South Vietnam War under Communist Viet Cong enemy fire, 1966-67, 12 medals and decorations, including Combat Infantrymanís Badge/CIB awarded; elected/appointed to two terms in the TSC Student Government Association Senate, 1970-72; five winning political campaigns, the first for me in 1970, the other four since as an appointed campaign press secretary: Maryland House of Delegates for the late Pat Welsh, Democrat, 1974; MD State Senate for same, 1978; Baltimore County Executive GOP in General Election, 1990, all four upset victories; GOP MD Presidential Primary for Bush 41, 1992; served as Congressional press secretary on Capitol Hill, 1991-92 during first Gulf War

I believe that I am the most conservative of the major Democrats running, especially of the other top two, both liberals; as a Viet Vet as we prepare to go into a wider war in Syria in 2017, I believe my past experience in a shooting combat civil war will be of some value; we must win the war with ISIS---with allies if possible, but alone if necessary, which it might be.

If elected, my top three priorities once in office will be to:

  • Repeal the current Iran Nuclear Treaty as not in the best interests of the US. On this issue, I believe that our ally the State of Israel is right, and that our President is wrong.
  • Repeal NAFTA and vote against the Trans-Pacific Partnership as also not in the best interests of our American economy and our workers. Iíd also support a Federal National Sales Tax to run the Federal Government, and encourage State sales taxes to run their local governments thereby repealing all Federal and State income taxes enacted since 1912 in 2017, during the first year of my time in the US Senate representing Maryland.
  • Other foreign affairs national defense issues are to seal off at last our border with Mexico and deport all illegal aliens to their countries of origin, again starting in 2017, as well as enact better and more effective environmental treaties with China and India. Without their full participation, nothing that we do here will matter.

Thank you for your kind consideration!

Blaine Taylor

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