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From the Desk of
County Councilman Kirby Delauter

(6/2017) As you may be aware, I have announced I am running for the office of County Executive. We had our kickoff event on May 12th which was very well attended with over 300 supporters. This campaign is in full stride to win in 2018. As a council member I've witnessed our budget increase by $60 Million in just three years and it's on pace to approach a $100 Million increase in just one term. That's a 20% increase in the overall budget. How many of you taxpayers received 20% more in pay over the past four years? We have to stop the fiscal insanity and start to look outside the standard government box for inventive ways to provide core services while not breaking the backs of taxpayers.

There are many issues that I feel need addressed in this county but the five main issues I will be concentrating on are as follows.

Senior Tax Credit - I was part of creating a true senior tax credit to help those seniors that helped build this county. As your next county executive I want to expand the senior property tax credit for the hard working seniors that want to retire in this county. Seniors should not be taxed out of the county they helped create and should expect they can enjoy their golden years and their family without the financial stress of increasing property taxes.

School Construction - I, as well as my wife and four children, attended Frederick County Public Schools. I care very much about school system for the current and future children of this county. My daughter is a teacher for Frederick county schools and I want to help improve our school system. Through public/private partnerships we can build schools with the same quality, at a more aggressive rate and at a better value for the taxpayer. This is important especially on the elementary level where capacity is critical. Another important point I support is school choice. Taxpayers should have a choice as to what is best for their children. As your next county executive I will lead this effort and provide results, not rhetoric in solving our school issues.

Fire Service - In this county we will continue to need volunteer and paid fire and emergency personnel. Both are very important to the quality of life in this county. Being a volunteer is more difficult with increasing state regulations and decreasing free time to volunteer. As your next county executive I will help the volunteers continue to serve our community while saving us valuable tax dollars. I supported the interim funding request from seven volunteer fire companies that would allow them to achieve their goals while minimizing the effect to the budget. I have very knowledgeable career and volunteer personnel willing to step up and provide assistance for a solid plan to stabilize our fire rescue services.

Sheriff Department - I support our Sheriff and Deputies 100 percent. We have a Sheriff that not only provides a first class service to our residents, he is fiscally responsible as well. The last thing we need in this county is an executive who's philosophy is at odds with the Sheriff. While other counties such as Montgomery want to become sanctuary counties, that is something that I do not support. As your next county executive, I will always put legal, taxpaying citizens first.

Taxes, fees and regulations - While the current executive supports big government tax and spend policies of Obama and O'Malley, I have a proven track record of the opposite. I have eliminated onerous taxes and fees as well as refunded tax dollars to our tax paying citizens. As your next county executive I will restore fiscal sanity to our county. Tens of millions of your tax dollars are being wasted annually. This along with hundreds of additional hires by this administration. A prime example is a position added for a full time person to check your recycling bins, with this kind of nonsense, you tell me why your taxes continue to increase.

I am Kirby Delauter and with the support of my family and the grace of God, I will do what is best for this county as your next County Executive.

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