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County Councilman Bud Otis

(1/2017) Service. A way of thinking on how to approach matters brought before you. An attitude of servitude to others. Helping solve simple and complex issues. Working together for the sake of all people, the common good. Coming to the aid of those in need. Serving the poor. Assisting FCPS with funds to pay our teachers a decent starting wage. Providing county services - fixing the little things and the big things. The tremendous Frederick County DPW staff working 24/7 to clear the roads of dangerous ice and snow this past winter. Our brave DFRS, 911 call-takers, sheriff’s office and many city police who help us and keep us safe 365 days a year. The FC Health Department staying on top of the potential Zika virus threat, and their daily efforts to assist others in so many ways. 2,000 employees work for the county and their daily responsibility is… service. I want to thank each of them for their consistent, often unseen efforts to serve all our residents. These are some thoughts that come to mind when I think of "service." It is what is done for others, not what others can do for you.

Over my years in the private sector, I was very fortunate to work with many people who not only had a head for business, but also a heart for service. They showed their passion in their daily efforts for their respective company responsibilities and what struck me was their genuine desire to help others.

During my service in Congress for 12 years it was easy to see which elected public officials on the Hill took the "public servant" aspect of their job as a primary responsibility or just looked at their current position as either a career or hopeful stepping stone to higher office. Those with passion for causes almost always had tremendous energy and followed through on their promises to constituents. Some have brought forth significant change. If the boss showed commitment to individuals, his/her office developed stellar constituent services. If not, then, well – you guessed it – the constituents did not have good representation.

Today’s political world seems at times to have forgotten the very tenant of the precious role – to serve the public is an honor and privilege. We are here as elected public officials. We are here to serve all of you. It is not about "us" it is about "you"! We are your representatives.

The FC Charter form of government has only been in operation since 12.1.14. It certainly works! As part of a seven member County Council, this is accomplished through majority vote. We have had stumbling blocks, a learning curve, and yet have been able to accomplish a number of things moving this county forward and continue to pursue issues in the best interest of all residents.

Over the past two years we are proud to have approved two budgets, passed 25 Bills through an 80% super majority vote (5 or more council members in favor) including legislation to support business development in our county. We’ve strengthened the Ethics Bill, implemented an independent Ethics Commission member selection process, and in October of 2016 stood up a Frederick County Veterans Treatment Court. And, this past election, our voters passed two Charter Amendments giving us more time to work on the county’s budget.

These accomplishments are not done in a vacuum. We rely on our internal council staff and administrative staff to draft bills and pass the legal sufficiency test. I’d like to publicly acknowledge that we have a superior group of people who support our efforts and continue to do so on a daily basis. We truly appreciate them.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you. My wonderful wife is determinedly supportive of my service, so I’d like to take this moment to thank her. For all the times away from home, the late nights and weekends, you have been so gracious. Thank you Rose, you are a first class lady and the reason I am able to continue to serve.

In closing, Rose and I wish everyone a wonderful New Year!

Bud Otis

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