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From the Desk of
County Councilman Kirby Delauter

(12/2016) The Trump elections and what it means. You can hold the applause until the end of the column, why, you ask? Because I called the Trump Presidency as soon as he filed the paperwork well over a year ago. How could you not see this coming? We’ve had failure after failure from the Democrat left and just to mention a few, it would be, Obamacare, national security, the open border, the socialization of our military and just in general, the arrogance of the federal elected officials both Democrat and Republican. Trump was new, not part of the establishment and he understands economics. I saw that then and I still see it today.

Let me go through the list and one by one explain why Donald Trump won (just as I predicted) by a landslide.

Obamacare. This gem may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. I own a blue-collar business, I have employees that quite possibly for the first time in their lives, voted. They voted largely because their health insurance premiums were going up year over year, 25 – 200%. One thing an elected official needs to know, when a blue collar worker can’t buy beer, cigarettes, snuff, lotto tickets or ammo for their hunting season, you as an elected official just woke up a sleeping giant. These are people that rarely if ever vote, are simple, hardworking, and they want one thing, to be left the hell alone. Obamacare proved to them they were lied to and it took away the excess cash (that most of them have little of) for the things listed above. Never before in my 30 years of being in the construction industry have I seen blue-collar workers this engaged in politics and ready to vote the bums out.

National Security and Open Borders Speaking of national security, a lot of blue-collar workers, and many that work for my company, are military veterans. We have an Army infantryman airborne, air assault qualified that has 16 combat jumps, a retired 20 year Army Sergeant who was a former drill instructor with a combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have an former Army NCO that works in our maintenance shop, and had an employee just leave to go back to school that when I hired him I wasn’t sure by his young appearance that he was over 16 years old. It turns out as I read his resume’ and looked at his attached DD214 (military background form) that he was in fact 22 years old and received a bronze star, purple heart and combat infantryman badge in Afghanistan. In plain clothes, he looked to be not more than 16 years old. These are people we hire in construction, these are people that have fought for the freedom Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell and many other Democrats and Republicans took for granted. These veterans are smart, motivated and will not stand for open borders and policies of selling out the military such as Benghazi or stealth secrets to the Chinese, that harm the country they fought for. Another major miscalculation by Hilary Clinton.

Socialization of the Military From Beau Bergdahl deserting his post and being treated like a hero by Obama, to lowering the standards to a point where it may be harder to join the cub scouts than the Air Force, Obama and the Clinton machine ripped apart everything about the finest military the world has ever known in order to allow our enemies much needed time to close the gap militarily. Decades of hard work wiped away in just a few years of socialization in the one area where socialization doesn’t work. The military has one purpose, to kill people. It’s not meant to be an experiment of social justice; it’s not meant to be political. Its purpose is that when diplomacy and politics breaks down, or as with Pearl Harbor or 9-11 when we’re attacked, the military is then sent to change the outlook of those who cannot be reasoned with through politics or diplomacy. Real Soldiers, Marines, Airman and Sailors know this. People like Ollie North, Allen West, Kris Paronto, Marcus Luttrell, Eric Grietens and Ryan Zinke. The last two mentioned are former Navy SEALs that have been elected to Federal office. You‘ll see more of that as well, veterans who fought for the freedom we take for granted will run, get elected and serve in offices across the US. They’re tired of being pawns of the leftist, socialist agenda and they’re tired of watching this country be torn apart by people, most of whom, have never had any skin in the game. Again, another huge miscalculation by the Clinton Crime family.

This election was an election to save this country. Donald Trump won big, he won by a landslide, and he won for a reason, because the American silent majority has finally stood up and said "Enough is Enough"! Thank you Barack and Hilary, we couldn’t have done it without you. (Applause now)

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