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County Councilman Bud Otis

Public Involvement

(10/2016) How can you help make our County Council decisions even more reflective of all the residents in Frederick County? We need your input!

Our new form of Charter Government has been operating since December 1, 2014. All Frederick County residents have three Council Members as their representatives. Each district has one person they may freely contact along with two "at-large" members. This gives you a chance to communicate with your district area’s councilman/woman and/or your "at-large" members to share your thoughts and concerns about any issue – those currently before the council for consideration, pending legislation, or problems you need help addressing.

• At-Large (all county) – Bud Otis ( 301-600-1101)

• At-Large (all county) – Billy Shreve ( 301-600-1034)

• District 1 – Jerry Donald ( 301-600-2336)

• District 2 – Tony Chmelik ( 301-600-1034)

• District 3 – Vice President M.C. Keegan-Ayer ( 301-600-2336)

• District 4 – Jessica Fitzwater ( 301-600-2336)

• District 5 – Kirby Delauter ( 301-600-1034)

Representative government works best when the citizenry is actively involved. For twelve years on the Hill, I was Chief of Staff for a Congressman and heard from many constituents on a daily basis about their concerns and their views on pending legislation, current laws that may need to be tweaked, and individual problems. This created a great opportunity to listen to the many voices, help cut thru the government red tape to assist them with various federal agencies, and learn what matters most to the residents in District 6. Hearing from so many people made it possible to represent the majority of the voices in votes on Capitol Hill.

What’s great about Frederick County’s Council Districts, is that we’re accessible. You don’t need to go far. A phone call, email, letter, visit or meeting is open to anyone who wants to share their voice. I welcome communication, even when it is from those who object. I learn from listening to all sides of an issue. There is also the option to come to Winchester Hall during our public hearings to share your opinion with the full council.

As we approach completion of our second year in office, it is my great hope that the community knows we are here to help.

If you’d like to know the protocol for our legislative process, here it is. An agenda for the Council Legislative Meeting is posted on the county website one week prior to the meeting to let the public know what’s coming up. 1) Bill is "dropped" or read into the record (First Reader), 2) Second Reader (Public Hearing) on that specific Bill is held about three weeks later after notices are posted in the local paper – open to any and all comments from the public and the public hearing meeting’s end time concludes after the last speaker is finished. Each speaker is given 3 minutes, 3) Third Reader is then scheduled about two weeks later for final vote, or if amended, the process starts over. There is a 90 day window from the time a Bill is first introduced until it gets voted into law, or it is void.

I want to thank those who reach out to the Council and urge others to please let us know your concerns and ideas so we become the best possible representatives for you. My job is to represent you, and I welcome your input.

Fall is approaching and my wife Rose and I hope you have a great season, enjoy the beautiful weather, and I look forward to hearing from you to help make Frederick County even better!

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