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From the Desk of
County Councilman Bud Otis

(8/2016) I appreciate being able to share our voting record for recent Council meetings and some of the wonderful events around our great county. Upholding the trust of the citizens is paramount to me, and I will honor your trust through continued commitment to this County. I deeply honor the responsibility entrusted to me in researching the matters before the Council and submit our recent voting record:

July 5 Legislative Session: Motion on the Agenda passed after laying the ARTO bill on the table until 8.15.16: 6 Yes, 1 No (CM Shreve); Motion to move Consent Agenda on 11 budget transfers: 6 Yes, 1 abstain (CM Shreve); the remaining items were all voted Yes in 7-0 votes: Approval of the Minutes; Approval of the Resolution for the Resident Agent Designation as the County Attorney; Approval of the Spring 2016 Water and Sewerage Amendments; and the motion to go into closed session.

Going out and about in Frederick County is one of my favorite job responsibilities. Over the past several weeks Iíve been very fortunate to attend and participate in a number of events. Iíll highlight some here:

  • Veterans Treatment Court Brainstorming session. Consensus was 100% to move forward and establish a Frederick County Veterans Treatment Court. I am humbled and honored to assist in this program which will help our neediest Veterans. For more information, please call me 301-600-1101, email: or go to Currently there are 260 Veteran Treatment Courts in the U.S. We plan to be the 3rd one in Maryland!
  • FIX 270 Coalition Ė part of a panel meeting with Congressman John Delaney to restart the I-270 Corridor Study with an Express Toll Lane alternative, bring it to completion and commit to a construction start date. Other options were discussed as well. There was very strong support for adding a third lane both ways from the Montgomery and Frederick County representatives. I will keep you posted on the progress of this Coalition.
  • Toured the Veterans Administrationís Warrior to Workforce Acquisitions Academy
  • Unveiling of the TransIt facilityís 5 new electric buses,
  • Enjoyed graduations: Frederick High School, FC Social Services, Frederick City Police Academy and Career Firefighters Promotions Ceremony, and the Asian American Center and Frederick Memorial Hospital with Care First Ė 1st Graduation for Community Health Workers
  • Surprised a 911 call taker, Dee Pickering to thank her for her expert handling of a personal call,
  • Visited Senator Ben Carding in DC, discussed a non-profit supporting veterans, Operation Second Chance, and spoke about Veteran Treatment Courts (VTC) here in MD. Sen. Cardin is in full support of a Frederick County VTC.
  • Presented Council Certificates to Dynamic Automotive and Lee Building Maintenance on their ribbon cuttings
  • Conservancy Retreat at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine
  • FC Chamberís County Outlook meeting
  • Hood College receipt from Care First of $50,000 for their nursing department

I deeply respect the generosity of our residents and businesses and the sincere professionalism of our county employees. We live in the best county in Maryland! We both wish you a safe and joyful summer.

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