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From the Desk of
County Councilman Kirby Delauter

(10/2015) I love watching Seinfeld reruns and the other night I was watching and they ran the one about the story of how the show came about. Seinfeld was originally cast as a show about " Nothing". Jerry and George go into NBC studios, meet with all the executives and explain how they will do their show, and when the NBC executives ask what the show will be about, Jerry and George proudly exclaim, " it will be a show about Nothing!" The look on the NBC executiveís faces are what mine must look like sometimes during the Council meetings.

That brings me to the heart of the article and my experience so far being elected to the County Council. So far, itís been about "Nothing". I could hear Jerry and George sitting around after a Council meeting, "so what happened today at the Council"? Well, we enacted a civility code". A civility code, wow, you guys are really gearing up for big things". " What else"? "Well, thereís this developer that has a piece of land called Monrovia Town Center, heís passed all the APFO requirements, heís putting up millions in new road improvements, heís offering a school site, a fire station site, heíll pay millions in impact fees and taxes Jerry". "Thatís great George, new houses, more economic activity, schools sites, fires station sites, whatís not to like"? "We denied it Jerry". "What, you denied it, why"? Well Jerry, you know how you feel about NewmanÖÖÖof course, I hate NewmanÖÖ.and thatís how we feel about developers Jerry". " See Jerry, this legislative stuff isnít that hardÖÖÖ..remember when I pretended I was an Architect Jerry, remember when I said I planned the addition to the Guggenheim"? "Yeah, I remember, it was a total lie George". " Thatís right Jerry, and politics in Frederick County is no different, the average person doesnít even pay attention, itís great".

"So, what else are you doing on the Council Georgy boy"? "Well, Jerry, we have brought about legislation on ethics reform". "Ethics reform. Why"? Is it because you denied the Monrovia developer his due process"? "No Jerry, developers donít deserve due process". "But George, isnít that unethical"?" You see Jerry, we are in the majority on the Council, we decide what is ethical and unethical, boy Jerry, you would make a lousy politician". "Whoís helping you with this ethics reform"? Do you remember Kramerís friend, Thor Eckman"? "Eckman, he was doing time for shooting an unarmed man in a closet George". " Heís out Jerry, he got out a few months ago". " You put guys like Eckman on the ethics task force George"? "Why not Jerry, who would you suggest, some slick talking guy with a checkered past like Jack Klompus , who railroaded your father out of his Presidency of the HOA at Del Boca Vista"? "Well, no George, it wouldnít be Klompus, nobody would be dumb enough to put Klompus in charge of anything". "Really Jerry"? " You know George, if this ethics thing passes, you, as a salesman at Vandelay Industires, will not be able to sell latex to the County any longer". " Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, you donít understand, we Democrats are in the majority on this Council, we can do whatever we want, we have four votes all the time, itís just those in the minority we screw Jerry, donít you get it"? " How do you get away with that George"? " We have the media on our side Jerry, the mediaÖÖÖ.weíre like the bubble boy Jerry, everybody loves us because the media tells them to love us". " I canít believe you get away with it George". " Jerry, we just give the public the, itís not us, itís them routine". "Itís not us itís them routine, how does that work George"? " Jerry, with the media my friend, all things are possible".

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