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From the Desk of County Commissioner
Jim Martin

(3/2015) Four years ago, I made a serious decision to run for the office of Adams County Commissioner as a Republican candidate. I joined the race shortly after Republican Randy Phiel announced his decision to run for commissioner. The Republican Party primary race also included four other Republican Candidates. This was the making of an extremely interesting election which included a series of multiple forums and debates as never seen before. In the final analysis Randy and I won by wide margins in the primary and general elections to capture two of the three commissioner positions. Marty Qually received the third highest number of votes to capture the minority position. We became the first entirely new board of commissioners elected since 1967. That is the short version of the 2011 election for Adams County Commissioners.

Randy Phiel and I, Jim Martin, have decided to run for re-election for a second term as a campaign team. Our current term ends December 31, 2015. We are not running to win another trophy, but we are running because we see this as our responsibility to do so. Our years of experience, successful accomplishments, and ongoing initiatives and projects call us to serve another four years. Why? Because we realize these factors represent valuable investments of time and resources that will only produce their maximum benefit to Adams County by keeping our leadership and vision in place through another term in office.

Randy Phiel and I were elected in 2011 and, even before taking office, we realized the extremely challenging situation that was facing us. With this realization, we developed goals and objectives that we could work within. Using these goals and objectives, with a commitment to engage in an environment of respect and cooperation, we have been a productive and effective board. To our bewilderment, we have been criticized for a lack of contention and discord. Contention and discord provide little accomplishment as reflected by the divided U. S. Senate, an example we did not want to emulate.

To date in our first term we have shown to be an administration of LEADERSHIP, EXPERIENCE, VISION, AND COMMON SENSE and these will continue to be our signature of operation for a newly elected term in office. These signature elements have brought us to where we are today and resulted in raising the bar for Adams County. Additionally, I believe we have attained this measure of success because of the high regard we have for our duties as Commissioner. This high regard is evidenced by the fact that we have chosen not to carry on a second career while serving as Commissioner.

Our leadership, experience, vision, and common sense were put to the test as soon as we enter office. Regardless of the need, our strategy was to gather the best information possible, seek unbiased and proven council, analyze the options, and then move forward with the solution that best served Adams County. This common sense approach allowed us to move forward on languishing projects like the emergency radio system. We decided we could no longer rely on a failing and deficient emergency radio system; under our watch the new replacement system is now in the final months of construction. The health, safety, and general welfare of our residents and first responders were and continue to be our top priority. Trusting health and safety to an obsolete and unreliable system was not an acceptable option.

As we continued into our first year in office, we realized the performance of our computer network and associated technology was aging and operating beyond its designed capacity. We quickly ordered a professional analysis from an unbiased and reliable team, the technology division of the County Commissioners Association of PA. This analysis was timely; it showed that we were operating dangerously beyond system design and normal life expectancy. Failure of the system was on the horizon and thus we began a robust and systematic upgrade. We split the upgrade between two budget years to best manage our cash flow. Our IT director has masterfully directed us through this process with a most cost effective approach. Today the courthouse is operating with a vastly improved and highly efficient computer system.

Our IT director is an example of the caliber of administrative staff that we have assembled and who have been instrumental in our success. This caliber of personnel we have assembled did not happen by chance. As openings occurred for administrative staff, we put a very aggressive recruitment and interview process in place. Final interviews are brought to a decision team that includes the commissioners; our concurrence is needed for approving the best applicant. A successful measure of our leadership has been the ability to identify the caliber and strengths of directors and higher level staff needed for key positions.

What I have shared with you is only a sample of the activity associated with our seats on the Adams County Board of Commissioners. These examples represent the LEADERSHIP, EXPERIENCE, VISION, & COMMON SENSE we will again bring to our next term if elected. As you review the record of Commissioners Phiel and Martin, you can vote with confidence that we are the right choices for the Adams County Board of Commissioners. I can truly say it is an honor and privilege to serve you and the more than 101,000 residents of Adams County. Voting for Commissioners Phiel and Martin is the formula to continue moving Adams County forward. May 19th will be your opportunity to say yes to another term for Jim Martin and Randy Phiel. Thank you for your support and your vote. Best regards, Commissioner Jim Martin

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