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Denise Weldon-Siviy Candidate for General Assembly, 91st District

(10/2016) Itís been 10 years since my opponent Dan Moul ran for the 91st house seat on a platform of lowering taxes and standing up to the professional politicians. A decade later, our taxes havenít gone down yet. And Dan Moul now IS a professional politician.

Term limits

Five terms is a long time to serve in the house. Too long. Yet, Mr. Moul is currently running for his 6th term.

Thatís far too many terms. In my opinion, no elected official should serve for more than 8 years in the same office. Eight years is what we limit our presidents to. Surely, no other elected office is more important? If a politician still wants to serve after 8 years, s/he can always run for a different elected office. There are plenty of them.

Ten years ago, Dan Moul agreed with me. He spoke out frequently on his support for term limits. Now that the terms to be limited are his, heís changed his mind. Thatís a shame. He had it right at the beginning.

We donít need professional politicians. We need citizens who care enough to represent their neighbors.

Results not fingerpointing

If weíre going to re-elect the same politicians over and over again, it should be those public servants who actually get the job done. Judging by his own goals of lowering taxes and reducing government waste, Dan Moul just hasnít done that.

For the past two years, Dan Moul has blamed his lack of results on having a Democratic governor, just as he did at the beginning of his term with Rendell. The problem with that excuse is that of the 10 years Mr. Moul has been in office, he had 4 years during which he had a Republican governor and a Republican controlled legislature. Why didnít he accomplish his goals during those years?

So the problem isnít just that he doesnít work well across the aisle. Mr. Moul simply doesnít have the gravitas to lobby effectively for our county within his own party either. After 5 terms, we should be seeing a representative effectively pushing serious substantive legislation. What we got from Mr. Moul this past year was "Pennsylvanian Barn Day".

Five term incumbents should be power brokers, not finger pointers.

Standing up to both parties

Political parties arenít going to put the needs of Adams County first. We know that. In the eyes of the political power brokers, we will always be the poor country cousin, last in line after Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and even Harrisburg. For that very reason, we need a representative who places local residents FIRST, before party ideology.

Time for a change

Itís time to send Harrisburg a new voice to represent Adams County. Someone who understands itís time to stop pointing fingers and start working together to fix Pennsylvaniaís problems. And someone who will work with BOTH parties and represents the needs of Adams County.

That someone is me, Denise Weldon-Siviy.

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