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Denise Weldon-Siviy Announces Bid
 for State House

(2/21) Will Challenge Don Moul in the 91st District

Denise Weldon-Siviy from Gettysburg announced today that she is the Democratic candidate for the 91st Pennsylvania House District. "The single most important issue facing the Pennsylvania legislature is the state budget. This is the reason that I’m running in this election," she said. "It is the responsibility of our legislators to pass the budget ON TIME."

She went on to say, "We pay our legislators to do a job and they’re just not doing it. Governing requires compromise. No person, special interest, or political party line should stand in the way of serving the people of Pennsylvania."

Weldon-Siviy’s platform emphasizes the need for responsible government and fair taxation. She believes that by refusing to work together to pass a complete budget, the state government is just passing the bill for critical services like education. "When the state of Pennsylvania doesn’t pay its bills, they don’t go away. They get passed down the food chain to cities and townships and school boards that have no other option but to hit up property owners. That doesn’t lower anyone’s taxes. It just places the burden unfairly on home owners."

Weldon-Siviy notes, "The budget process in state government is like one of those big group projects we make school kids muddle through. Nobody likes group projects. There are always at least a few students not pulling their weight, and a few others pushing changes to make themselves look good at the expense of the group. It’s always easier to dump the naysayers and keep the kids who are willing to do the work and work together finish the project."

Continuing the analogy, she explains, ‘But you can’t do that with government. Those naysayers and agenda driven group members were also elected by the voters. And it’s the voters who get to decide who’s in the group. When elected officials hold their breath and refuse to work with other elected group members, they’re really disrespecting the voters."

If elected, Denise intends to work WITH the group to make the best possible decisions for Pennsylvania. Getting to a responsible compromise requires that our elected representatives stop blaming each other for the impasse and start working together to fix it.

While this is her first run for State Legislature Denise is a long-time activist in the Gettysburg area on issues concerning education, children and families, the environment and programs for the poor.

She is married to her husband Steve who is Professor at Gettysburg College. They have four children and two grandchildren.

To find out more about her and where she stands on the issues, check her website You can also follow her on Facebook at "Denise for State House."

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