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From the Desk of Shawn Wagner,
Candidate for Adams County Judge

(5/1) As District Attorney, every day for the past 12 years, you, the citizens of Adams County, have entrusted me to make difficult decisions on your behalf from inside of the courthouse. Now, I am humbly asking you to extend your confidence in my continued ability to lead and serve our community by electing me as a county Judge.

My 28 years of proven experience as a state and county prosecutor have prepared me extremely well for the great responsibility of a Judge. I have personally handled thousands of cases in the courtroom setting, including more than 150 jury trials – the most complex types of cases overseen by our county court system. From day one, I will be ready to lead and make decisions from the bench on any type of case assigned to me by our President Judge.

At age 53, I am also at the right time and place in my life and career for taking on the sworn duties of a judge. Decades of work and personal life experience have given me the invaluable wisdom and perspective that come with age.

As your District Attorney, I have worked hard to keep our community safe and to preserve the outstanding quality of life we enjoy in Adams County. I have proven myself to be both tough on crime and proactive in prevention and educational efforts to encourage citizens, especially our youth, to make good choices for our community’s benefit.

I have also been a passionate and compassionate advocate for victims and their families, ensuring that they receive a sense of justice and closure and the support services they need to heal and move forward. Protecting our most vulnerable victims – our children – has been a mission of mine as evidenced by my leadership in the creation of the Children’s Advocacy Center to support local victims of child abuse.

In my 28 years as a prosecutor, I have approached each case with fairness and objectivity from the very outset. Before deciding on whether to file criminal charges, I have thoroughly and objectively investigated and examined the evidence and stayed true to the facts before me. Public pressure, opinions or other outside forces have never swayed me from making fair, firm and unbiased decisions. As your county judge, I will conduct myself in this very same manner.

With two very experienced judges retiring, it is critical that we elect new judges with the extensive level of experience required to make decisions and exert leadership from the bench. As your District Attorney, I believe I have proven myself to be ready to successfully serve you as a county Judge.

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