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From the Desk of:
County Commissioner Marty Qually

(4/1) Four years ago I announced my intention to run for County Commissioner, with your vote you put your trust in my ability to move Adams County forward. Before and during that election our National, State, and local economies were limping along. Locally, there was a lack of trust in our County government and a subsequent feeling that County government didn't matter. The County was a storm beaten ship moving into uncertain waters. That being said I understand why Jim Martin and Randy Phiel were elected. Randy had a proven record of leadership and is the sort of person you want holding the rudder when the waters get rough. Jim Martin with his steadfast principles and hard work ethic also made sense. He's the one quietly working below decks making sure that the crew is pulling as one and keeping everyone on task, knowing that no matter how far or difficult the journey we make it through together.

Your vote for me was an act of faith for which I will always be honored to have received. My goals four years ago were simple ones. I wanted to be accessible to the public, not just a bureaucrat pushing paper, but someone as open to your concerns in the Courthouse as in public. I pledged to work to build consensus with local officials, community leaders, and my fellow Commissioners. Lastly, we knew that it wasn't enough to simply preserve and grow tourism and agriculture, we had to start planning for the future. Before we could start planning, we had to fit our ship and start moving forward again. Over the past three years this Board of Commissioners has done just that. We secured an improved Bond rating, found ways to save money and improve our computer and vehicle infrastructure. Our ship is ready and it's time to set our sails to face the challenges of tomorrow.

This year my campaign will continue to build on our strengths and focus on the goals for which you have been asking. My message is three fold. Primarily, our success as a County requires community input. I have been so impressed by the number of volunteers working to improve our community from those serving on official boards to people serving on church committees. In small and large ways there are thousands of people dedicated to making their neighbors live better lives. Too often they receive few thanks, but while I am Commissioner they will never lack for a place to make their voice heard. Elected officials must listen to the people and residents must feel that their voices can be heard. I ask is that we voice our concerns respectfully and that our discussions always aim towards improving our community. We may not always agree, but we should always be respectful to one another.

Four years ago I promised to build consensus among both leaders in our community and my fellow Commissioners. This is not just a bland campaign promise, this is how I was raised. Truth be told I had no choice. I am the sixth child of seven children, you had to work together. It's as simple as trying to watch TV together, pick a game to play, or choosing pizza toppings. We all learned that if we didn't work together our parents made all of the decisions, which meant a lot of cheese pizza, kick the can (mostly in an attempt to get all of us outside), and nature shows. When we build consensus, we do not guarantee that everyone gets their way, instead we guarantee that everyone has a voice and that we move forward together. A little give and take moves us forward as a community and Adams County deserves more than the political gridlock we see in Harrisburg and Washington DC.

Over the past three years Adams County has taken great strides to set into motion a plan for smart growth. Homes, agriculture, tourism, and other businesses can coexist. We must plan wisely to create a balance between our existing strengths, our residential needs, and future growth. We cannot ignore any of these areas, or we risk losing control of how our community grows. This process began as soon as we took office with the creation of the new Planning Department. Our new Planning Department was created by merging Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping staff, Rural Resources staff, traditional Planning staff, and the addition of an Economic Development Planner. The new Planning Department is a holistic team, that views preservation, planning, and economic growth as vital elements of the future of Adams County. This new team is the foundation of every success that has followed. I have provided periodic updates on their successes in this newspaper, so please take the time to visit their website at and look up past editions for more information.

Now it is time for Democrats in Adams County to determine if their faith in me remains and if the path this Board has charted is a good one. I believe we are on the right path. The County's financial foundation is strong, we have developed the tools our staff need to serve you, and we are solidifying cost effective plans to reduce our expenses. Where there was mistrust between municipal governments and County officials there are now partnerships. Where there was poor communication between the County and our economic development partners, now there are open lines of communication. We have instituted evening public meetings on a regular basis throughout the County to improve communication with residents. The people of Adams County deserve all of these things and I firmly believe that the best is yet to come.

I ask you to continue to have faith in me and my vision for Adams County: I ask for your vote on May 19th. You have two votes in the Primary, I'd be honored if you cast one of them for Marty Qually. If you have any questions or would like to help on my campaign, feel free to contact me at 717-339-6514 or Don't forget to keep up with the campaign on Facebook at Marty Qually for County Commissioner.

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