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From the Desk of:
Commissioner Candidate David Bolton

(4/1) My name is David Bolton. I serve on the McSherrystown Borough Council, chairing the Civil Service Commission, as Vice-President and Legislative Committee Chair of the Adams County Boroughs Association. I also serve the county as a voting delegate to the Adams County Transportation Planning Organization, as the county representative to the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs, serving on their Board of Directors, Resolution & Policy Committee and Nominating Committee, and have served on the Hanover Regional Economic Development Committee since its inception three years ago.

I have represented Adams County as an active voice in the affairs of state in Pennsylvania, penning and promoting the adoption of several resolutions, which have been individually adopted at the municipal level by Boroughs and Townships alike, which have made changes for the better for The People.

I will make reference to the efforts towards reforms to Small Games of Chance laws. Two years ago, we wrote a resolution for these reforms which resulted in increased weekly payouts. This meant there was more money available for public donation, as the clubs must return 60% of their SGOC income to the community. These funds may be given to local fire and police departments, public works or schools. This reduces the amount of dependency locals have on state and federal budgets; by keeping local money local. Our efforts to eliminate those ceilings while keeping the state content with additional revenue generation will hopefully result in small fee per bag, purchased through the current PLCB system, and the same percentages split between community and club, while increasing the operations costs eligible for their 40% share, and supplying our communities with more and better services, like the active K9 unit in McSherrystown, the new Delone Catholic scoreboard and a speed sign to alert drivers when they are exceeding the limits, keeping our citizens safer.

My current efforts through the ACBA Legislative Committee to bring industrial hemp back to our county through a provision of the 2014 US Agricultural Act will provide for economic growth, cleaner water and soil, more productive farmlands, and an increase in business and job opportunities for The People of our county. Investing in and improving the countyís infrastructure will help us compete for and attract relevant manufacturing industries, so that we donít lose opportunities like we did to Lancaster County in 2014 when a French applesauce company, the Charles and Alice group, built a $10M facility, creating 50 new jobs.

I am steadfast in my pursuit to allow local and regional police the use of radar to protect those in areas where VASCAR and other systems fail. I will continue to help move forward the right to municipal referenda during primary and general elections. I represent Adams County as an active influence on the PSABís Municipal Policy, providing legislation and leadership For The People!

I am a fiscal conservative. While drafting the 2013 McSherrystown budget, I developed a plan to stave off a proposed tax increase and sewer base rate increase (which I voted against) by increasing the sewer usage rates temporarily. This would have protected seniors and those on fixed incomes, and would promote responsible water conservation, while affording funds for the necessary infrastructure repairs to our system. The proposed usage rate increase was set at the 2007 Hanover Borough rates and would expire in three years, after providing the funds needed, at the end of which the rates would have been lowered to their original levels. As County Commissioner, one of my first actions would be to put a moratorium on an Ordinance passed Feb 6, 2013 by our current Commissioners to increase the pay of the three Commissioners, saving the county over $18K in salaries.

I will state briefly that I am concerned over the current discussions revolving around the TIF projects in the county. Originating in California in the 1950s, these programs were designed to improve blighted properties and restore economic opportunities in established districts. (Due to much litigation over the misuse and abuse of these programs, California no longer employs them) I do not feel comfortable with using such funds to promote corporate welfare for companies to produce new, suburban facilities, nor for private Ďfor-profití developments. While it is true that a Wal-Mart would create some immediate part-time, low-wage, no-benefits jobs or that a home retirement community might bring some additional property taxes into the coffers 10-15 years down the road, I do not believe that this is how the TIF program is most efficiently utilized.

You can research more about my voting record and my level of service to The People of Adams County on my website, Anyone can contact me directly at, should questions concerning my service record arise.

I believe in the God-given rights protected by our Constitution. I believe in Property Rights and responsible Gun Ownership. I believe in reducing regulations that inhibit the success of our businesses. I believe in lowering taxes by creating an environment conducive to job creation and expansion of the tax base.

I believe in the future of Adams County, and I hope you will believe in my demonstrated abilities to serve The People, and consider me for your next Adams County Commissioner.

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