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From the Desk of:
Commissioner Candidate Bruce Hollinger

(5/1) The 2010 county-wide reassessment caused me to create my website to give county property owners the tools to fight their ridiculously high assessed property values. The current administration has not only failed to address the situation as they pledged while campaigning, but worsened it by kicking the can down the road with their Ordinance #3 [that essentially ignores the Court established 15% COD (Coefficient Of Dispersion) by adopting their own 20% COD]. They further exasperated the situation by adopting their new Clean & Green Policy which contains language that could possibly indirectly, financially benefit one of them.

Rather than assessing these properties to match the intent & language of the law, it appears this New Policy is an attempt to justify what is in my opinion, a complex, extensive and sophisticated scheme to shift an unfair tax burden from one group of property owners, to another. I initiated litigation against County Officials to attempt to have them conform to the law as they are mandated, but the case was dismissed due to procedural errors on my part, and a lack of standing. The lack of standing cited in the decision suggests that I was not harmed any more than anyone else. This is akin to a government agent giving me a "black eye". As long as everyone else received a "black eye", there was no harm done. It is important to note that neither judge assigned to my case ruled that my allegations were unfounded or without merit.

My platform is Truth & Transparency (and Property Tax Reform). I have made efforts to bring the truth to the people via my website by basing all of my claims, on evidence gathered from the county itself. Transparency, because of the resistance I encountered trying to obtain said evidence. The more controversial the data, the harder it was to obtain, it seemed. In my opinion, if the county has it, you should be able to get it! If you attend their meetings and address them, you should receive some type of feedback (if you choose). You may not like the answer, but you should get some honest attempt on their part to deliver an answer.

The debt load of the county has soared under the current administration, while the primary source of revenue (tax services) has remained flat except for the two blips in the form of 5% tax increases each. This is not a scenario that is healthy for the future of the county.

As we look for a new home for Human Services and the Court, the St. Francis property sits unused except for storage and represents a huge waste of taxpayer monies!

A vote for me is the best chance for real change to occur in the County. If you followed me through the years, you know there is no quit in me when fighting for what is right. I am dedicated and passionate when charged to do something and I look forward to serving you.

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